SAN QUENTIN xWAYS (Nolimit City)

SAN QUENTIN xWAYS (Nolimit City)

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1. Unique theme.
2. Six different features.
3. Three bonuses with different RTP for each option.
4. Max payout 150 000x bet.
5. Up to 13,189,257,216 ways to win .
6. Up to 96.95%.
1. No bonus buy element in the UK.

I was always intrigued by what life was like in prison. Explore the true conditions of life in different prisons so San Quentin caught my attention really quickly. Upgrading features and special symbols add a unique edge to the gameplay, without the risk of monotony setting in.

One more great thing about San Quentin is that it has an bonus buy option for players to take advantage of, offering three different possibilities with varying costs.

Playing this game can be incredibly exciting or intense. But, at the same time, it can also be comforting knowing that there is a guaranteed win. Excitement comes when I think about max win which is 150.000x and that could be a life changer hit.

The prospect of being in an intimidating place may be daunting, but with the right attitude and smart decisions, you can reap that great rewards. This slot game contains five reels and between three to five rows, giving players plenty of opportunities to win big. The thrill and excitement of playing this game is incomparable.


The list of symbols is not only impressive, but also incredibly interesting to experience. Various wilds can be encountered during the game, with each symbol having its own unique features and characteristics. One of the most spectacular symbols is the Razor Split Symbol, which is a police badge that unlocks a variety of special features depending on the situation.

I'm here to tell you all about the amazing functions of symbols. They are incredibly impressive and can really help to get better payouts and enjoy the game to the fullest

Features you will find in San Quentin:

  • Enhancer Cells

On the upper and lower parts of each reel, there are enhancer cell positions that are locked when not triggered. When these cells open up, it can reveal the top 5 highest paying symbols, Wilds, Razor Splits or xWays symbols. The Razor Split symbol will be able to split all regular positions into double.

  • Bonus triggers

If you land one or two bonus symbols on any of the reels, you'll trigger the Enhancer cell for that reel.


This will also turn the bonus symbol into a wild symbol, giving you more chances to win. If you land three or more bonus symbols on the reels at once, this will trigger the Lockdown spins.

  • Lockdown Spins

When you land three, four or five bonus symbols on the reels, you'll trigger the Lockdown Spins feature with either one, two or three Jumping Wilds. Throughout this exciting feature, the Enhancer reels will be active to give even more chances of extra wins. When the feature begins, players will be delighted to discover just how many spins are available for them to take advantage of. During the bonus game, a special multiplier will be added to one randomly chosen convict premium symbol.

  • Split & Jumping Wilds

Split Wilds and Jumping Wilds are two exciting features that add a thrilling twist to the main game. With Split Wilds, players can expect regular symbols on the same reel to be split – but not the Split Wild itself! As for Jumping Wilds, these wilds come with a multiplier of up to 512x

  • Feature Buy

Unlock the Lockdown Spins with three, four or five Bonus symbols at 100x, 400x and an incredible 2000x your stake!

  • Psycho Manhunt

This thrilling game of chance offers players an opportunity to win up to an astounding 150 000 times the base bet. That's right, with a single spin you could walk away with a windfall that can change your life for good! When the total winnings reach an amount that exceeds the set threshold, the Lockdown Spins round will come to an end and a gigantic reward of up to 150 000 times the base bet will be awarded to the lucky winner.


This is an amazing opportunity for players to take their chance at multiplying their initial stake by such a huge multiple!

Symbols you will find in San Quentin:

  • San Quentin is home to some other symbols too. Toilet roll, Handcuffs and Shivs are the lowest ones, with potential payouts that can reach up to 1.5x the original stake. While these symbols don't typically offer high rewards, they can be beneficial in certain situations.
  • Zippo lighters and the Soap symbols have a little bit better value. Offering up to 2x the original stake.
  • Crazy Joe Labrador will pay up to 2.5x of the bet.
  • Biker Bill worth can go up to 3x, when Loco Luis will reach 3.5x of the bet.
  • Heinrich the 3rd and Beefy Dick are two of the most iconic symbols in San Quentin Prison. As their names suggest, these characters have become well-known for their generous payouts. Having gained a reputation for paying out big winnings, these characters have become go-to figures in San Quentin slot.
    Heinrich the 3rd payouts goes up to 4x of the stake! Beefy Dick will pay up tp 5x of your bet!


Nolimit City have really made a name for themselves with this game. It has quickly become known as one of the most high variance and exciting slots ever made, and it's easy to see why. The visuals are absolutely stunning and bring the theme to life in all its glory, but it is the gameplay that truly sets this game.

This slot is quite revolutionary and is without a doubt one of the most anticipated releases of 2021 – and for good reason. It features groundbreaking potential wins of up to 150,000x your original bet, an impressive range of bonus features and symbols, which could help you land some incredible rewards.

NolimitCity is quickly becoming a favorite amongst many in the online casino world, and with good reason – they produce some truly incredible games! San Quentin Xways is one of my favore games from Nolimit City.

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