MISERY MINING (Nolimit City) Review

MISERY MINING (Nolimit City) Review

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1. 70,000x max win.
2. Many features.
3. 823,543 ways on the base game.
4. Several bonus buy options.

Misery Mining has become a highly popular game in a multitude of casinos. Released on March 15, 2022, it has gained recognition for its engaging gameplay and exceptional visuals.

Misery Mining offers a potentially high return of 96.09% and has a high level of risk, along with the chance to win a maximum of x70000. The game has a well-balanced mathematical model that creates excitement and can result in significant ups and downs. Overall, it delivers a thrilling and immersive gaming experience.

Even without triggering any special features, the base game itself is captivating. However, once wilds, scatters, or other special symbols and features come into play, the game reaches a whole new level of excitement.

Misery Mining is an impressive slot game that offers thrilling features and massive prizes. When you enter the Misery Mining slot, you'll encounter a unique 7×7 grid, where initially only the center square is 3×3, and there are 27 starting lines.


However, with the innovative features in Misery Mining, the grid can expand to its full size, providing an astounding 823,543 ways to win.

Game Features


There is a gaming area with a size of 7×7, where the center 3×3 area is empty and the remaining spaces are blocked by barriers. If xBombs explode near a barrier, the barrier will move one step, allowing for a larger play area.


Triggered by getting either 3 Scatters or 1 or 2 Super Scatter symbols. When triggered, the game opens with a reel area of either 3 x 3, 4 x 4 or 5 x 5, depending on the number of triggering symbols.

The player can choose between two modes: Mouse mode or Rat mode. In Mouse mode, the feature starts with 8, 10, or 12 spins, depending on the reel area. Additionally, if there are less than 2 Super Scatter symbols active, a Super Scatter can be triggered, awarding an extra 2 freespins.

In Rat mode, the feature starts with 3 spins. However, activating coin wagons or Super Scatter symbols will reset the number of spins back to 3. For each spin, the top row will reveal enhancers, such as coin wagons, multipliers, bombs, Super Scatters, bags, chests, rats, or dwarfs.

To activate an enhancer, a Scatter or Super Scatter symbol must land on the reel below it, except for the Rat enhancer. Super Scatter symbols have a multiplier that affects all enhancers activated by that specific symbol. It


The xBomb Wild symbol can replace any symbol on the reels, except for Scatter and Super Scatter symbols. When an xBomb explodes, it removes nearby symbols, except for Scatter, Super Scatter, and other xBomb symbols. Additionally, the explosion increases the win multiplier by one for the next collapse. If there are barriers adjacent to the xBomb, they will move away by one space.


If there are no winning combinations or xBomb Wilds, and there are less than 3 Scatter symbols, any remaining Scatters and Super Scatter symbols will transform into regular xBombs and explode. This will cause a new set of symbols to fall into place, move barriers, and increase the multiplier by 1 for the next set of symbols.


If the total winnings surpass this amount, the round ends and the player receives a reward equal to 70,000 times their bet.


The Misery Mining slot introduces a fresh gameplay mechanic in the main game and adds multiple layers of intricacy in the free spins round, elevating the overall experience to a higher level.

Nolimit City's streak of impressive game releases continues with this title, which is filled with innovative features. This slot offers a unique and exciting experience. Nolimit City keeps surprising players with each new game. The gameplay will keep you engaged as you explore the dwarf's mission to find valuable treasure deep in the mines.

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