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Hi there! I'm Egle DiceGirl

I am truly passionate about my job and have a deep love for slot games. I stream daily, engaging with my followers and building a supportive community around my channel. I am always searching for new slot games to play. There are hundreds amazing providers and thousands of awesome slot games. How to choose what to play? How to choose what to recommend for my viewers? When there are so many of you and all with amazing products.

I decided to open possibility for slot providers to make stronger and longer partnership with me. Below you will see benefits of cooperation with me explained in more details. And keep in mind!! With my love for the industry and infectious enthusiasm, I'm ready to take the streaming world by storm.

Why it is worth to work with me?

  • Number of Hours of Streaming Your Games Per Month – As a professional slot streamer, I offer to dedicate a set number of hours each month to streaming especially your games. This is a great way to give your games exposure and reach a large, engaged audience. By having your games streamed by a trusted and experienced streamer like me, you can reach new players, build brand awareness, and increase player engagement. Plus, I will provide valuable feedback and insights from me and my audience to help you improve your games, fix some errors and make them even more enjoyable for players. Whether you're a small indie game developer or a large game publisher, I can help you reach your target audience and drive more players to your games.
  • Crowd Marketing Initiatives – Leveraging my extensive network of over 1000 accounts across various forums, Facebook, Telegram, Discord, and Reddit groups and channels, I will conduct targeted crowd marketing campaigns. This approach will allow me to actively promote my partners' games and create buzz in numerous online communities. By engaging in discussions, sharing insights, and posting updates about the games, I can effectively raise awareness and interest among a diverse and widespread audience. This strategy not only amplifies the reach of promotional efforts but also fosters organic, grassroots-level interest in the games I stream and review.”
  • VIP Partner (TOP1) Position on Providers List – By becoming a VIP partner, you'll receive the coveted Top 1 position on my list of providers. This also means that your games will receive priority treatment, including more hours of streaming per month, exclusive promotional opportunities, and more. This exclusive partnership will give you unparalleled exposure to my viewers and followers, helping you reach new players, build brand awareness, and increase player engagement .
  • Number of Video Reviews With Your Games – I understand the importance of providing detailed and insightful reviews of online slot casino games to my followers and subscribers. By offering video reviews of your games, I can help you reach a wider audience, build brand awareness, and increase player engagement. Each video review will be comprehensive and entertaining, highlighting the unique features and benefits of your games. With video reviews, you'll have a powerful tool to promote your games and reach new players. So, if you're looking to increase your visibility and build your brand, contact me today to discuss how we can work together to make it happen!
  • Number of Articles Reviewing Your Games – As a professional slot streamer, I also understand the value of written content in promoting your games and reaching a wider audience. That's why I offer to write a set number of articles reviewing your games. Each article will be well-researched, informative, and engaging, highlighting the unique features and benefits of your games. By having your games reviewed in written form, you'll be able to reach a wider audience, including players who may not be able to watch my video reviews. Also it is very good for SEO. I can write reviews for you and publish them on my page. With the VIP package, I will write unique reviews for both my page and my partners' pages, giving you more exposure. Some of examples examples:
  • Video Reviews Shared on My Social Media – I have a large and active followers database on various social media platforms, including Discord, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. By offering video reviews of your games that are shared on my social media, I can help you reach a wider audience and increase your brand's visibility. By leveraging the power of my social media following, you'll be able to reach a wider audience and drive more players to your games.
  • Video Reviews Shared on Partner Pages – In addition to my own social media pages, I also have strong partnerships with leading casino review and news websites, such as smartcasinoguide.com, casinochap.com, and casinoguru.lt, to name a few. By offering video reviews of your games that are shared on these partner pages, you'll be able to reach an even wider audience and increase your brand's visibility. So, if you're looking to increase your visibility and build your brand, contact me today to discuss how we can work together to make it happen!.
    Some of examples:
  • Exclusive Content Creation – I will create exclusive content for my partners, including behind-the-scenes videos, interviews with game developers, and sneak peeks of upcoming games. This unique content will not only engage my audience but also provide my partners with a distinctive platform to showcase their products and innovations in the gaming industry.
  • Localized Content – Understanding the diversity of my audience, I will offer content in multiple languages, catering to different regional markets. This approach will help in reaching a broader audience and provide a more inclusive experience for viewers from various cultural backgrounds. Localized content will ensure that the games of my partners resonate more effectively with an international audience.
  • Backlink from Home Page (for Life) – I also offer backlinks from my home page that will be visible for the life of my website. This is a great way to increase your website's visibility and improve your search engine rankings.
  • Logo in the Page Footer (with/without Link) – To further increase your brand's visibility and reach, I offer the opportunity to include your logo in my website's footer. This will provide a constant and prominent presence for your brand on my site, helping to build familiarity and recognition with my followers and visitors. You can choose to include a link with your logo, directing visitors to your website, or simply display your logo for increased brand exposure.
  • I Will Mention You as Main Partner and Best Slot Provider in All Interviews – As a respected and influential voice in the online casino industry, I have the opportunity to give interviews and share my thoughts and experiences with others. When you partner with me, I will mention you as my main partner and the best slot provider in all interviews I give. This will provide valuable exposure for your brand and increase your visibility in the industry.

Why it is worth to work with me?

Growing Twitch Channel and Community

My channel and community have been growing steadily over the past few years. I have over 8000 followers on twitch and a a lot of followers on various other social platforms, including Discord, Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook. This provides a valuable opportunity for my partners to reach a large and engaged audience of potential customers who are interested in online casino games.

I am deeply committed to growing my community and expanding my reach on Twitch and other social platforms. This is not just a business strategy for me – it's a passion that I take great pride in.

I believe that building a strong community is essential to success in the online casino streaming industry, and I am committed to doing everything I can to create a supportive and engaged community of followers who are passionate about online slots.

For me, building a community goes beyond simply growing my subscriber base. It's about creating meaningful connections with my followers, engaging with them on a regular basis, and fostering a sense of community where everyone feels welcomed and valued. Whether it's through live streaming sessions, social media interactions, or online discussions.

In addition to being important to me on a personal level, growing my community also has a significant impact on my business.

A large and engaged community can help me reach new potential partners, increase my visibility and credibility in the online casino industry, and provide a valuable platform for promoting new games and services.

That's why I am so committed to growing my community and reaching as many people as possible through my streaming and social media activities.

By working with me, you can tap into this growing community and reach a highly targeted and engaged audience who are passionate about online slots. So, if you're looking to reach a large and growing audience of online casino enthusiasts, don't miss this opportunity to partner with me and build your brand with a leading voice in the online casino industry!

Passionate streamer

As a dedicated and passionate slot streamer, I have been consistently streaming for the past 3 years, taking only 4 weeks of vacation during this time period. I truly love what I do and am passionate about providing entertaining and engaging content for my community.

My commitment and passion towards streaming is evident in my consistency and drive to always improve and grow my channel. Partnering with me not only means gaining exposure for your games, but also having a dedicated and enthusiastic promoter who is invested in making your brand a success.

I am also continuously planning to grow and improve my channel by streaming even more. I am constantly exploring new opportunities to engage with my audience and provide them with the best possible entertainment experience.

Strong Community

Having a loyal and growing community is a key factor in my success as a professional slot streamer. My audience is comprised of dedicated followers who tune in regularly to watch my streams and engage with me in the chat. This strong sense of community is a testament to the quality of my content and the level of entertainment I provide.

By partnering with me, you will have access to this engaged and growing audience, who will be exposed to your brand and the exciting games you have to offer. With a loyal following that trusts and values my recommendations, you can be sure that your partnership with me will be a valuable investment for your business.

Infrastructure behind me

I have the team behind me of 10 people, who helping me to deal with casino partners, SEO, crowd marketing, IT tasks, social media, and community growth.

Support from outside: long term contract with media agency GG Group Media (projects like: SmartCasinoGuide.com SmartBettingGuide.com Apuestas.guru Apostas.guide) With them I possess the capability to leverage thier extensive infrastructure for complex IT and marketing tasks. This enables me to offer superior service to my partners, supported by a team of professionals ready to assist with any challenges that may arise.

Working with me, you can be assured that I am committed to growing my channel and interacting with my community, and that I will put my heart and soul into every stream. With media agency backing me up, I am confident in my ability to offer you the best possible partnership and help you reach your goals.

Contact me

It's a great way to build your reputation and establish your brand as a leader in the online casino world. So, if you're looking for a powerful way to build your brand and increase your visibility, contact me today to discuss how we can work together to make it happen!

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